In the spirit of David Letterman:

10. It’s perfectly acceptable for me to wear yoga or running clothes to meet with my clients.

9.  I get to spend my days sharing my passion for health and wellness with others.

8. It is incredibly inspiring and satisfying to watch clients achieve their wellness goals.

7. I now have an excuse to do as much yoga as I want.

6. I love helping others find solutions to their health and fitness challenges.

5. Did I mention, I get to wear yoga pants to client appointments?

4. It’s really fun to watch clients’ attitudes and approaches to health and wellness evolve over time. I have commented to more than one that s/he has become lighter–literally and figuratively.

3. I feel as though I’m truly helping to improve the quality of the lives of others.

2. Did I mention how comfortable yoga pants are?

1. My clients are amazing individuals and I feel blessed to be part of their journey to wellness.

Be well!