If your family is like ours, you’ll have far more candy by the end of tonight than you could (or at least should) possibly eat in the next couple of weeks. Here are a few things you can do with all that candy so that you aren’t tempted to eat it all:

Freeze it–Pick out the best candy for blizzard-type shakes and sundaes and freeze it until the warm weather returns for a delicious addition to ice cream desserts.

Trail Mix–Mix M&Ms, candy corn, skittles, etc with mixed nuts and dried fruit for a snack that’s healthier than straight sugar.

Flavored Vodka–Drop one or two mini-candy bars into a bottle of vodka and let it soak for awhile for your own flavored vodka. Who says Halloween is just for kids?

Flavored Coffee–Drop a chocolate into your morning coffee for a quick (and less expensive) mocha.

Gingerbread House–Christmas is just around the corner. Separate the candy that can be used to decorate gingerbread houses and set it aside until then.

Bake it–Candy stored in airtight containers will keep for months. Save it and bake it into cookies and cupcakes during the holiday baking season. Think cupcakes with chocolate-candy filling or candy-chunk cookies.

Gratitude Gifts–Put together small baskets or tins of candy with thank you notes and deliver them to the staff at your local nursing home, charitable organization, police and fire department, or the businesses you frequent (dry cleaner, coffee shop, bakery, etc) as thanks for the work they do all year round.

Chances are good your kids will be open to using their candy for at least some of these things (except maybe the vodka and coffee), so ask them to help sort their candy for these purposes. With any luck at all, you can spread the sugar highs over a couple of months rather than a couple of days. Happy Halloween!