Winter is without a doubt my least favorite season. I love everything about summer: the heat, the sunshine, even the humidity. I love the cool, crisp air and the gorgeous colors of fall. And, I love the promise of spring. Not so much that I love about winter.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit excited when I looked out my window and saw the beautiful blanket of snow yesterday. Everything looks so new, so different, and so fresh after a snowfall. So peaceful.

Unlike summer–whose beauty can easily be taken for granted–winter demands us to slow down and observe.

What I’ve learned about myself and winter is that resisting it, complaining about it, or trying to ignore it doesn’t help. Those things only make me dislike it more. As with most things in life that are beyond my control, acceptance is key to contentment.

Several years ago, I decided to stop resisting and embrace winter with all that it brings. I no longer give up outdoor running and walking when its cold, I play in the snow with Grace, and I make a point of participating in winter activities.

Yesterday morning, after an hour of shoveling (with a couple more to go), I went for a long walk. I had planned on running, but unplowed streets, unshoveled walks and the prospect of wet feet made that option pretty unattractive.

So I walked. And I marveled at the beauty. And greeted the folks that also chose to embrace winter–the guys playing frisbee golf, the biker looking for Cedar Trail, and the couples out with their dogs.

And winter didn’t seem so bad.

Be well!