Oh, my mind is devious.

I begin a 3-week wellness cleanse tomorrow and all I can seem to think about this weekend is eating and drinking what will be forbidden starting tomorrow! Specifically coffee at the moment, but last night my upcoming cleanse had me indulging in pizza.

Typically, I’m not a fan of restrictive eating plans (also known as diets). Sure, people lose weight while they diet, but they almost always gain it back (and then some) once they revert to their regular eating routines and patterns.  And, as soon as most of us are told we can’t have something,we want it more than ever.

Developing a lifelong eating plan, one that is sustainable over time, offers a lot better odds for success. For me, that plan consists of eating healthy, organic, real food daily with room for deviation on special occasions. I don’t deny myself anything, yet I rarely eat processed food and typically don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I credit my lack of unhealthy cravings to my healthy diet.

Despite my aversion to diets, I am participating in CorePower Yoga‘s Seasonal Wellness Cleanse. (Although it’s not considered a diet, it is a restrictive eating plan and my mind certainly seems to be reacting to as though it’s a diet.) I decided to take on the cleanse in part because I’ve heard amazing things about it and in part because this cold, long, snowy winter has me feeling drab and kind of tired. I decided my body could use a little jump start before heading into spring. The program is also very much in line with my focus on sticking with whole, real organic foods.

So last evening at my daughter Grace’s birthday party I took a second piece of pizza*. I needed that second piece because I won’t be able to eat pizza for the next three weeks. Makes sense, right? Except there is almost no chance I would’ve eaten pizza in the next three weeks anyway. I rarely eat pizza. Maybe twice a year and then usually only one piece.

And this morning, having already finished my regular two cups of coffee, I find myself consumed with thoughts of making another pot. Which of course would be stupid. It ups my chances of experiencing withdrawal this week. But today it’s allowed. And I won’t be able to drink it for three weeks. And, unlike pizza, I would most definitely drink coffee in the next three weeks. And I really like coffee…

*In the interest of full disclosure, Grace and I have “Make Your Own Pizza Night” several times a month. We use whole wheat pitas as our pizza crust and top with homemade pesto, chicken, cheese and veggies. Pizza, yes, but far healthier than most delivery pizza. Definitely healthier than the pizza I ate last night.