So here I sit on Day 4 of my Seasonal Wellness Cleanse. Instead of enjoying my usual morning coffee, I’ve got a cup of hot water, lemon juice and raw honey Note I didn’t say I’m enjoying the water, lemon juice and honey. I’ve just got it.

It’s actually not bad, but I can’t say I don’t miss my coffee.

In this first phase of CorePower Yoga‘s 15-Day Seasonal Wellness Cleanse, we eliminate all processed food, wheat, gluten, corn, chocolate, dairy, sugar, alcohol, soy and red meat. (I’ve chosen to eliminate all meat for the duration of the cleanse as well.) No special supplements or herbs, just eating a plant-based, very clean diet. The theory behind the cleanse is that eliminating most of the toxins our body deals with regularly allows the body to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated.

Nothing on that list concerned me much except the coffee (okay, and the alcohol, but not as much as the caffeine). I start most days with 1/2 pot of coffee. And, I LOVE my morning coffee. I look forward to my quiet time with my coffee. It seriously might be my favorite time of day. Hot water, lemon and honey is somehow just not the same.

I paid the price for my coffee love on Monday with a headache that almost took my breath away by bedtime. Despite not being a bath person (I think my last one was just after giving birth 10 years ago), I actually took a bath Monday evening (with epsom salts which is said to help remove toxins from the body) to try to help things along. And it did seem to help.

I have to admit I’m pretty amazed at the results of the cleanse so far, although I’m not feeling the positive benefits yet. Instead I’m experiencing aches, acne and fatigue. This is apparently due to my body releasing toxins and is to be expected in the first days of the cleanse. (I guess it’s kind of like when you clean a closet–you sometimes have to make a bigger mess before you can really start the cleaning.)

My legs and lower back have been especially sore, as well as my right ankle–which I broke last May. And I have been exhausted by 6 or 7 pm. This despite a lighter than usual exercise regimen–yoga, walking and short runs.

There is no doubt that something is going on in my body and I’m encouraged by that. According to the program leads, discomfort typically improves after the third or fourth day and then participants feel loads of energy. I am looking forward to that. Which will be just in time for the broth phase that starts on Day 6!

Be well!