I am sick. For the first time in almost two years, I’m feeling pretty lousy. My head feels like a brick, my ears are plugged, my eyes are red, watery and scratchy, and I’m so tired!

But I’m not surprised.

Unfortunately, I didn’t heed the advice of  my body.

I firmly believe that there are four main ways we can keep our bodies healthy and able to fight illness:

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Adequate Sleep and Rest
  • Daily Exercise
  • Stress Management

I am generally pretty darned faithful to all four of these, but sometimes I slip.

On Friday morning I woke up with an ominous tickle in my throat. The one that unmistakably tells me my body is fighting something. Normally, I would respond by building extra rest and nutrition into my schedule and toning down my workouts. Unfortunately, my daughter’s figure skating club was hosting their biggest event of the year this past weekend. Between volunteering at the event and supporting Grace, I spent more than 24 hours at the rink over the weekend. Not so conducive to extra rest and sleep.

And, so by the end of the day Sunday, my voice was almost gone and I was feeling pretty yucky. Yesterday was worse (I cancelled most of my appointments) and today I had to cancel everything. I actually don’t think I’ve been this sick since before I had Grace (10 years ago).

In my personal experience, “pushing through” illness either lengthens the time you feel crummy or makes the illness worse (which is what I think is going on now). So I’m resting. And I’m going to get better. And the next time I feel that tickle or any other sign that my body is fighting a bug, I will heed my body’s advice and rest!