It doesn’t usually take much to make someone else’s day better.

This past Sunday, Grace and I stopped into my real estate office to make some copies and grab some paperwork. While there, a co-worker’s 7-year-old son asked me if he could make me some coffee. I had already had my morning coffee so politely declined.

As Grace and I made our way to my office, we talked about how disappointed the boy seemed when I said no. I decided to change my answer. Clearly it was important to the boy, and nobody was going to force me to finish the cup of coffee (of course, I did that on my own). Grace ran back and told him I’d changed my mind and within a few minutes a delicious cup of coffee was delivered to my office by a very excited 7-year-old. He was obviously proud of making and delivering the coffee on his own. (And, it was a delicious cuppa joe. He deserved to feel proud.)

How easy (and automatic) it had been for me to say no thanks when simply saying yes made a significant difference in his day. Uggh, how often do I let these opportunities pass?

Not my friend Jill. One of the many things I love about her is how she embraces life and creates fun within every day. Like the time she bought two matching long, blond wigs for us to wear in spin class so we could emulate our instructor’s trademark hair shaking. Or the Halloween when she showed up at my house in a gorilla suit and stripper heels. She didn’t make a peep and it took us quite awhile to figure out who she was. Or the many times she’s shown up to work-related meetings in funny, inappropriate, or just completely ill-fitting outfits.

Everyday holds the promise of laughs and smiles for Jill and she makes an effort to create and inspire fun for those around her. And, it works!

Yesterday was her annual Easter Egg Hunt–seriously one of the highlights of my year (and I’m pretty sure one of the highlights of every child who attends). Although her event has grown and become not so small (ponies, alpacas, bunnies, goats, pigs, chickens, the Easter Bunny, and a mariachi band were all in attendance this year), the concept is simple.

So thank you, Jill. Thank you for the Easter Egg Hunt and for making my life brighter. Thank you for reminding me that I can inspire, encourage and create fun in my life and in the lives of those around me. In these tough economic and social times, that’s no small feat. You are truly an inspiration and I couldn’t love you more.

Be well!