Here’s what well.well.well. clients have said about coaching with Faith:

“I needed some help getting back into the groove of physical exercise, after taking 4 years off to have my children.  Faith worked with me to design a plan that is manageable for my hectic life working and raising small children.  Most important,  she’s made me accountable, which is the kick start I needed.  I would strongly recommend a series of private yoga classes to build strength and self-confidence, and provide a foundation for your weight loss or fitness goals.”

Without question I believe that working with Faith as my wellness coach has helped me improve my overall health and wellness.  Specifically it has helped me keep my mindset and priorities in line.  To have someone help keep me on track, and keep my goals top of mind has been huge.”

“Faith has been great at several things–making sure I am aware of the goals we’ve set out to accomplish–at the end of our meetings, and via email follow up. In addition making me stay on track with her consistent check-ins.  She has a great sense of making her clients feel like they are the most important people she is working with, and that she truly cares about my success and my overall wellness. It feels good working with her.  She also challenges me to think about things I haven’t thought about before.”

“My wellness has improved.  Better nutrition – more healthy (more fruits and vegetables) and less sugar. My activity has increased.  Mentally, I am moving from thinking of myself as an arthritic aging woman, to an active person who can still do multiple activities in spite of age and arthritis.”

“I would definitely recommend Faith to anyone and everyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness.  I love spending time with her, because she challenges me to think differently by giving me a new perspective, and to not only become healthier, but to become a better person.”

“You are very talented at asking very good questions, and listening very closely to the answers I provide.  It never feels surface…it always feels as if you are in-tune to what I am saying from week to week.  This is a skill that can’t be taught in my view….so, clearly you are pursuing the right path for your talents/gifts.  Also, it is very refreshing to not feel “judged”, and that you are truly focused on what is best for ME.  Not what you as the coach thinks is best.  And, you are very good at separating your own personal path life, and the lives of other clients from what I am going through.  It is  true demonstration of professionalism.”

“The accountability factor for me has been the most helpful part of working with a coach.  The second most important thing, is just having someone there to talk to who is objective, non-judgmental, and a challenger.”

“The most helpful part of working with a wellness coach honestly has been feeling like I have someone to turn to that I can talk to, share ideas and share feelings with.. Also- the feeling of having someone on my side has been great.. I know in my mind what I want to accomplish, and where I want to go- it has been awesome being able to talk about specifics of what I want to work on (in all aspects of my life), then weekly be able to make strides towards accomplishing those goals.”